Content Done Right

Intela Publishing brings a unique perspective to user engagement and monetization.  We leverage in-house technology to drive high monetization yields with a focus on quality user engagement and retention.

User experience is the cornerstone of our business.  We strive to deliver quality impressions for our partners to ensure the traffic aligns with their needs.  Our unique technology, passionate staff, and industry leading solutions helps us to achieve the best performing results across our brands.


Brand Safe

Brand Safety is something we deeply care about and we can ensure your ads meet your expectations in terms of quality and performance.

Worldwide Traffic

We operate a wide range of sites that cover nearly all geos.  Target by geo, device, os, and more!

Intelligent Ad Serving

Leveraging machine learning technology and natural language processing, we can deliver superior, smarter data that generates valuable insights.

CPC Inventory

Bid on a cost per click basis.

CPM Inventory

Bid on a cost per thousand impression basis.

CPA Inventory

Bid on a cost per acquisition basis.


Are you an advertiser looking for high quality impressions from engagement focused content websites?  Get in touch with us so we can chat!

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