Global reach

Intela is a worldwide business headquartered in London, UK, and operating from locations across Europe, North America and Australia. We boast an attractive global database which provides an enviable platform for growth on an international basis.

Featuring more than 1,500 integrated custom advertising campaigns worldwide, we currently span 24 countries including the UK, US, Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Canada, Germany, Scandinavia, Italy, and Brazil.

Our multinational commercial teams including native sales and account managers covering 10+ languages are committed to providing our clients and partners with professional services tailored to their respective regions. With over 110 consumer profiles, Intela is a leader in global marketing solutions.

In addition to e-mail marketing, Intela offers data acquisition through its own sites and data management programmes as well as a diverse publishing network featuring more than 10,000 partners worldwide.

With a complementary mobile network that spans our same global reach, Intela offers the perfect suite of services to help you grow your business, diversify for your message and acts as a true partner to our clients by only charging you for a desired action.

Customer acquisition, data and email marketing specialists, Intela has what you need to drive new customers, worldwide.