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Intela Australia

International Solutions, Personalized Service

Intela has not only expanded its reach across “the pond” to the UK and Western Europe but also reached across the Pacific “down under” to Australia and New Zealand. We have been at the forefront of providing lead generation for top consumer brands, agencies and local advertisers. Either through our own proprietary email marketing list or our in-house online properties, AussiePrizes.com.au; Intela can provide the exposure and real-time consumer commitment to better achieve your campaign objectives and revenue goals.

Using our global reach and our proprietary technologies of email and lead generation, Intela offers the most comprehensive programs that integrate well with your offerings and content.

In one month we:
  • Deliver more than 5,000 user acquisitions for online membership sites
  • Bring together more than 10,000 people wanting to find a soul mate
  • Record more than 15,000 product sales
Intela can help you:
  • Build targeted opt-in databases of potential customers
  • Harvest and deliver the leads exclusively for your business
  • Deliver leads in real time, allowing you to respond immediately to inquiries
Our clients benefit from the highest ROI possible and can continue to concentrate growing their business globally. With over 10 years of experience in email marketing, we offer continuous service of the highest quality, with optimum volumetric pricing performance. 120,000 new households join our network every month, directly from our own websites or through partner sites, allowing us to continually provide our clients with active and new customer bases.

Lead Generation

Identify … … qualify and acquire new customers worldwide. Intela provides dynamic optimization with our own proprietary tools for the verification of quality leads. Our technology was built with a view point to optimize lead generation campaigns in innovative ways.

Platform Publishing

Intela is a leader in international affiliate marketing. Our affiliate network gives you access to an unparalleled list of publishing companies, search engines, high volume banner placements and social networks; which all can help produce extraordinary results for your campaigns performance.
In a market as competitive as this, with consumers becoming increasingly aware of new trends in online markets, it is more important than ever to produce targeted messages that speak to your consumers and engages them to act.

Intela collects user profiles through our website quizzes: http://www.aussieprizes.com.au/

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