List management

Working in partnership with a premium network of partners to accommodate campaigns, we offer our customers an unparalleled reach to help achieve their target acquisition goals.

What’s the key to our success? We apply the same behavioural targeting overlays and precision targeting abilities to our partners’ databases as we do our own, allowing for a more advanced and targeted messaging solution.

Leaders in the field of list management, Intela offers clients unsurpassed technology and targeting capabilities to enhance and further qualify the value of their database. Through a seamless integration solution powered by its proprietary technology, Intela’s list management partners enjoy greater data values than seen by other management firms.

Our core solutions help both data owners and advertising clients to ensure highly targeted messaging with a decreased frequency, enabling better brand perception and performance.

If you’re a data owner and would like more information on how Intela can help with list management services, please contact us for a custom quote today.