Mobile devices have become an everyday part of our lives; from cell phones to tablets, we’re surfing them just as frequently as we are the web.

Smartphone users have nearly doubled since 2010, and are projected to reach 200 MM by 2016.

Source: WW Smart Device Active Installed Base by Month (millions)

Source: WW Smart Device Active Installed Base by Month (millions)

If you haven’t yet considered mobile as a key part of your marketing spend, it’s time to start!

Intela’s sophisticated data profiling and insights across our multi-platform audience network help you to better target your advertising and achieve your campaign goals. As a digital marketing agency, our aim is to help you drive additional sales and leads through our diverse mobile platform, while only charging you for a desired action.

Intela's e-mails opened on mobile vs desktop by country (Aug-Oct 2012)

Intela's e-mails opened on mobile vs desktop by country (Aug-Oct 2012)

In partnership with our web-based activities, our mobile network continues to grow and develop, allowing Intela to offer a perfect complement to our email, data acquisition and publisher network campaigns.

In fact, 36% of our international customers are opening their e-mails from a mobile device, and this number continues to grow.

How do we generate mobile leads?

We offer advertisers a catalogue of mobile campaigns with different business models:

  • Mobile Content, includes Games, Wallpaper, Ringtones, Dating, Chat, Music and more on a CPS (cost per sale)
  • Lead Generation campaigns includes Insurance, Finance, Test Drive, Travel and more on a CPL (cost per lead)
  • Mobile Application includes Games, Livestyle, Health&Fitness, News, Music and more on a CPD, CPI (cost per download or install)
  • Mobile Commerce includes Retail, Food, Furniture, Travel, Electronics and more on a CPA (cost per action)

We make a difference.

  • Our multi-platform approach allows for high volume of mobile traffic and enables us to serve advertisers who are looking for global solutions
  • We provide solutions across industry verticals and geographies spanning 24 countries worldwide
  • Our international sales team including native sales and account managers covers over 10+ languages


  • Our email marketing campaigns are mobile optimized allowing us to deliver your message in a creative, appealing, timely and relevant way
  • Our unrivalled in-house tracking technology enables us to track conversions and sales on mobile campaigns in real-time. We can track by operating system (iPhone, Blackberry, Android etc.), country, demographic, network and carrier

Get ahead of the game and increase your mobile database. Our dedicated mobile team is there to help you. Contact us to find out more.