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9 October 2013 | XL Marketing Corporation is acquiring the assets of Intela

We are delighted to announce that XL Marketing Corporation, a leading US-based Big Data-Driven Marketing & CRM company has acquired Intela to create a global Data, Email and Digital Marketing powerhouse. XL Marketing helps brands acquire, engage and retain customers which extends and enhances Intela’s current assets and capabilities. XL Marketing is creating XL Marketing Europe, a new entity headquartered in London, that combines Intela’s international business with Virtuoso Advertising, a division of XL Marketing. XL Marketing Europe becomes the top player in the UK and a major force in other EU markets. Intela’s advertisers will benefit from additional high quality data, incremental email volume and new distribution channels including Social, Mobile, Display and Search, as well as improved clientRead more

10 July 2014 | The British 10K London Run on 14 July – Intela raise money for children!

On July 14th, five brave souls will set off on perhaps the greatest challenge of Intela’s modern era. Running 10 kilometres through the meanest of London’s streets. Armed only with trainers, cunning, and guile, these five chosen ones must navigate potholes, crazy bus drivers, and crowds to reach their goal. That goal: raise donations for the Great Ormond Street Hospital through physical sacrifice. So who’s are those brave runners? Clap your hands for: > Barney Willis, Commercial Director > Jay Andrews, Key Account Director > John McAreavey, Media Buyer > Spike Katora, Project Manager Help Barney, Jay, John and Spike to reach their goal by donating for this cause! All relevant information about the charity run is available on more

11 July 2013 | It’s a Mobile World

It’s been a couple of weeks since Mary Meeker’s (of Klein Partners) presentation to the D11 conference on the latest digital industry trends. Here we have a look at the key trends from her 100+ strong slide presentation and try to give a break down on mobile. Both consumer media consumption and corporate profits have been transformed since the proliferation of mobile. In 2012, time spent by consumers in the US on their mobile now constitutes 12% of their total media consumption, while in 2010 it was only 5% (eMarketer, 2012). That’s an increase of 141% in the space of 2 years, while total media consumption has only increased by 8% in the same timeframe. Mobile traffic as a %Read more

21 May 2013 | Expanding a business in another country

One of the first things you should think about when expanding a business to another country is if it is really worth it. To find out whether it is we can use various indicators to determine whether the expansion of our business to other countries is feasible. We also have to take into account the risk factor, how much risk are we willing to accept?   FIRST STEPS The first steps when performing an expansion are very basic. Know the culture of the country, its economy, its sectors, labour laws, support for foreign investment, wages paid by our industry in the country and ultimately understand how to do business in the country. If we look around us, the way weRead more

1 May 2013 | Teamwork

Teamwork and collaboration are critical to mission achievement in any organisation that has to respond quickly to changing circumstances. Research has not only affirmed that idea but also surfaced a number of mistaken beliefs about teamwork that can side-track productive collaboration. Here are six of them:   Misperception #1: Harmony helps. Smooth interaction among collaborators avoids time-wasting debates about how best to proceed. Actually: Quite the opposite, research shows. Conflict, when well managed and focused on a team’s objectives, can generate more creative solutions than one sees in conflict-free groups. So long as it is about the work itself, disagreements can be good for a team. Research on symphony orchestras showed that slightly grumpy orchestras played a little better asRead more

10 April 2013 | Network Update

2013 has been very exciting so far for Intela, especially for the ever growing Network team! At the start of the year we adopted a new country focused approach, and now have dedicated management for Italy, as well as the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, France, Spain and the Netherlands. Phew! Furthermore, before the year is out we hope to have developed in more new markets including Poland, Scandanavia, and Latin America.   The new country approach offers our Advertisers and Publishers alike additional resource having both a Publisher and Account Manager contact, and enables the team here to offer a fuller client service understanding all sides of the business. I myself joined Intela 3 months ago, from Affiliate Window, as the UKRead more

13 February 2013 | Business Intelligence at Intela

Intela launched BI at the beginning of 2011 with ambition of a) consolidating multi-source data at the backend with sophisticated processes of data cleansing, standardization, and transformation, b) presenting business a single version of data with high level of accuracy, c) powering business with automated processes and tools for analytics on dynamics of business based on close-to-near-real-time data including customer segmentation based on demographics and behavior, and d) providing power to business to make quick business decisions of campaign management. Intela made this decision to embrace the primary challenges we were facing: There were all kinds of data we possess but there is no easy way to access it and integrate it. There were possibly multiple versions of the sameRead more

1 February 2013 | Intela goes to ASW

Some people from the Boulder office might have noticed almost ten people were missing from the office for a few days mid January. Some heard we all went to Vegas and they were jealous thinking we had a mini vacation. Unfortunately Trade shows may be fun but they are not vacation. Early meetings, hectic booth duty, and long nights make for a very busy work day; most people didn’t ever leave Caesars’ Palace. The sales department had several important things to accomplish while they were at the trade show, the top on their agenda were meeting existing clients and getting prospects of new ones. In sales the average account manager has about 100 active clients they work with on aRead more

28 January 2013 | Don’t Call Us Accounting

January in not only the beginning of the New Year but also a very hectic period especially for Intela’s Finance Department; in addition to the usual routines every member has to focus on the Year End Close-off. As exciting as it sounds, it is the time of the year to look back at the previous 12 months – verify and reconcile the data making sure that nothing was omitted and any discrepancies or issues resolved. I don’t want to, however, describe the internal processes within our team even if it would be a very compelling read, I would rather have a look back at the last year as the year of change not only for Intela but especially for theRead more

18 January 2013 | Understanding Consumer Behavior

Understanding how consumers think and behave puts any online marketer at a huge advantage. When we are able to understand the consumer, we are able to provide value to the consumer. When all is said and done, our ability to provide value to the consumer is what determines if a lead is excellent or mediocre for an advertiser. The economy, political landscape, and recent social trends are all factors that play into how consumers behave online. Understanding what is going on inside the consumer’s head takes testing, research and an open mind. Sometimes you have to take a step back and look at your product from a consumer’s point of view. This task is easier said than done as oftenRead more